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After YEARS & YEARS  with the same layout and header it was time for a change.

So Big Big thanks to Robyn [ profile] bitterbird for the LJ Header.

Also check out this Adorable Vid of Alona the Paris Fancon she attended a few years ago with Misha and Traci (The video is asking her the worst thing she's ever eaten and what other SPN Character she would like to be)
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43 of alona and 1 of jo.

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Playing Me a Message In a Song: Supernatural: Jo/Sam; PG-13

Title: Playing Me a Message In a Song
Fandom: Supernatural
Author: [ profile] rosie1234
Disclaimer: Not Mine
Character/Pairing/Group: Jo/Sam
Word Count: 428
Prompt: Music
For: theechochorus
Rating: PG-13

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Snapshots- Perfect Timing (Sam/Jo PG-13)

Banner By: Franica

Title: Snapshots- Perfect Timing
Rating: PG-13
Author: [ profile] sxymami0909
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Sam/Jo
Word Count: 950
Verse: ‘They used to be Happy’ snapshots into Sam and Jo’s life before the apocalypse and the downfall of their relationship

(Jo bit her lip as she sat on the toilet glancing at her watch every couple of seconds. She sighed. How long was three minutes anyway? She stood up and walked the length of the bathroom twice before a loud pounding on the door made her jump.)
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Things Are Changing (Sam/Jo PG-13)

Banner By: Franica

Title: Snapshots- Things Are Changing
Rating: PG
Author: [ profile] sxymami0909
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Sam/Jo Dean
Word Count: 760
Verse: ‘They used to be Happy’ snapshots into Sam and Jo’s life before the apocalypse and the downfall of their relationship.

(Dean slammed the car door as he walked toward the motel room pushing the door open and tossing his bag on the bed closest to the door. When this thing started between Sam and Jo he knew this was going to happen.)

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icon post includes: BTVS Buffy, Dawn promo shoots,
Katie Cassidy, Julie Benz, Adrianne Palicki, Genevieve Cortese, Amy Acker,
Supernatural Sam/Madison, Madison, the impala, Dean/Jo, Jo Harvelle, Sam/Jo, Bela Talbot,
Gundam Wing (general), Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles (mostly J/C)

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Beautiful Jo Fanvideo

I just found this LOVELY Video on Youtube.

Im SORRY I have been slack in neglecting this comm I have just moved into a New Place and I had minimal Internet but now I have it so I shall do my BESTEST to Pretty and Tidy Up the Comm Very Very Soon

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Gorgeous Alona Picspams

I have posted these on my Tumblr FOREVER Ago but they are just so so so GORGEOUS I figured I would share.

My Tumblr is Here Incase you want to Follow Me

These GORGEOUS Picspams are by my Awesomest Friend Serena [ profile] herm_weasley

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I have some Sam/Jo icons and two little user info banners or whatever, but they aren't all in the same post. So here they are. :D

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icons: Katie Cassidy; Ruby 1-21 Lauren Cohan; Bela Talbot 22-36 Jo Harvelle; Alona Tal 37-68 Ellen Harvlle 69-70 Lisa Braeden 71-76 Adrianne Palicki 77-79 Mary Campbell 80- Dean Winchester -81 Genevive Cortese; Ruby 82-91 Julie Mcniven; Anna Milton 92-99 Lilith 100-104 Sam/Jo 105-108 Jared Padalecki 109-134
banners: Dean/Anna, Bloody Mary
header: S3!Ruby
wallpaper: Dean/Anna

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Gorgeous Jo/Sam Picspam/Fic and Fanvideo

I found this by sheer luck yesterday by browsing the [ profile] spnrarepairs  LJ Comm.

Seriously I just love love the Picspam it's oh so so PRETTY

Check it out Here

Sorry for the shortness of the post but Im sure you will all like this.
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FIC: Let's Hunt, Pooh

Title: Let's Hunt, Pooh
Author: Lint
Part: 1/1
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Sam, Jo, Dean
Category: Short Story
Archiving: LJ,, or ask.
Disclaimer: All respected copyrights belong to their rightful owners. 
Summary: The way he talks, Dean probably just assumed Sam stopped hunting the day he left. It never crosses his mind that his little brother is planning on having it both ways. 
Note: A more direct sequel to Hey There, Bluebird.


Are you gonna do that every time?

They Used To Be Happy (Sam/Jo NC-17)


Title: They Used To be happy
Rating: NC-17
Author: [ profile] sxymami0909 
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Sam/Jo,
Warning: It’s full of Angst and Dark Sam…beware
Word Count: 1,473
Prompt: from [ profile] feigned_living “Love can’t endure indifference. It needs to be wanted. Like a lamp, it needs to be fed out of the oil of another's heart, or its flame burns low.”

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The Supernatural Rare Pairs Exchange is a fic, art, and fanmix exchange devoted to the lesser-known (but still awesome!) couples or threesomes of Supernatural and Supernatural RPF.


Signups run through May 21st, assignments go out not long after, and posting begins August 1st.

Rules and information are posted here, and signups here.

[ profile] spnrarepairs [ profile] spnrarepairs [ profile] spnrarepairs
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11 Sam/Jo Icons

[x11] Supernatural Icons; All containing Sam, Jo, and Sam/Jo.

[x10] Born Under a Bad Sign
[x1] Everybody Loves a Clown

*Spoilers for season two.


-Please credit if you take!

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