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Name: Untitled
Author: Me
Rating: Dunno Prolly NC-17
Fandom: SPN Of Course
Pairing: Sam/Jo
Prompt: Panting(This Ficcy set after Born Under A Bad Sign and Sammy Never Attacked her in Born Under in my version so yah make of that what you will)

So To start off I thought of this idea for this story when I was out on a Del (Delivery for Domino's Tonight and I just couldn't leave it alone)

So here we go

Disclaimers and Stuff: I don't own Supernatural or Jared/Jensen or Alona. Although I wouldn't mind switching spots with Alona for a Few Days (Well I am short and blonde) CW/Kripke/Robert Singer/Kim Manners and John Shiban and a few other dudes own SPN and for that Im grateful for.

This Fic is Unbeated and No Spellcheck either as my Word Program on this computer is Cactus so sorry about that.

It may be a WIP or a One Shot depending on the response/s I get.

Part 1 Is just back a bit so read that before you read this (Clearly)

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Sorry I could only fit "Pant" in that end there and Sammy don't strike me as the "Panting" sort of guy so I felt it more approriate for Jo than him.

If this Sux I apologise I just sat here staring at the computer screen for some of thinking *What Next What Next*

But Hopefully you get the picture.

Depending on Feedback Im not sure about a Part 3 we will see. I would need some ideas as this one was hard as heck to write.

So Leave me a comment and we shall see


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