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43 of alona and 1 of jo.

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I have some Sam/Jo icons and two little user info banners or whatever, but they aren't all in the same post. So here they are. :D

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[x11] Supernatural Icons; All containing Sam, Jo, and Sam/Jo.

[x10] Born Under a Bad Sign
[x1] Everybody Loves a Clown

*Spoilers for season two.


-Please credit if you take!

(I can be more to you.)

Comments are loved.
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My latest batch of icons included two of Sam and Jo from "No Exit".

Here they are:

Standard icon rules apply.
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[+] 25 Supernatural
[+] 7 Alexis Bledel
[+] 5 Prison Break
[+] 35 Jennifer Garner // Afflecks
[+] 25 Alias


there's a beauty in the breakdown

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21 Alona Tal Icons

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rest here
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Not Made by Me.

I can't make Art at all.

The Loverly Sofie Did

Please Credit [livejournal.com profile] lauren_sark if using

Linking Back to Original Post cause I suck at this sort of stuff (Hee)


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