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Playing Me a Message In a Song: Supernatural: Jo/Sam; PG-13

Title: Playing Me a Message In a Song
Fandom: Supernatural
Author: [livejournal.com profile] rosie1234
Disclaimer: Not Mine
Character/Pairing/Group: Jo/Sam
Word Count: 428
Prompt: Music
For: theechochorus
Rating: PG-13

“I didn’t know you played.”

Watching her strum that guitar it looked like she had been playing her entire life, a daughter playing the songs of her father’s time, and it made me realize that I knew nothing about her at all.

(only that her blond hair smells like strawberries and her smile is full of cunning)

“Well, Sam, there is quite a lot of things that you or Dean don’t know about me. If you stuck around longer than a day every year or so you’d know a lot more.”

It was hard to tell if that wide smile of hers was filled with snark or sadness, but I loved it just the same as I did the year before when it had been for Dean only.

Sitting beside her as she played ‘Smoke on the Water’ wondering if she was playing it for my brother or for someone else entirely.

(in a year hearts and minds can change easily)

“Do you play?”

I nearly lost my footing, and being a giant as I am it would have created a lot of damage if I tipped over, as she grabbed my hand and pulled me to sit beside her.

(my words were trying to come and failing utterly)

“No at all, Dean got the creative side while I have the brains.”

Listing to her laugh was something that shocked me, after Dean shattered her still young heart she barely smiled around us anymore, and it was music to my ears.

“You wouldn’t know that, both you and he can be such idiots.”

This time I knew it was playfulness that lined her smiles instead of the bitterness I had become so used to, letting her words bite into me because of all of damn horrible things I had done to her.

I found my own laugh that I haven’t had the chance to use in so long, and it felt wonderful so be carefree if only for a second.

(and being carefree with Jo was a new experience that I never knew I would enjoy so much)
Before I could stop myself, and remember that her eyes are always locked on Deans and never mine, I kissed her soft lips as she was humming along to the chords.

(feeling the vibrations come to a halt)

Lingering on her lips, waiting for her to push away her once-a-time big bad wolf, waiting for it all to come crashing down but instead she only pulled me even closer.

“About damn time, Winchester, I thought you’d never figure it out.”